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The Library


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The Library : เกาะสมุย

ถนนแหลมดิน ตำบล บ่อผุด อำเภอ เกาะสมุย สุราษฎร์ธานี 84320 ประเทศไทย


19:00 น. - 00:00 น.
19:00 น. - 00:00 น.
19:00 น. - 00:00 น.
19:00 น. - 00:00 น.
19:00 น. - 00:00 น.
19:00 น. - 00:00 น.
19:00 น. - 00:00 น.

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Against the seductive backdrop of Koh Samui's Chaweng Beach, The Library reads like an elegant monograph - a beachfront hotel with a refreshing and subtle play on the book. The expansive grounds provide ample space for guests to flourish, each area representing a blank page on which to write their story. With its restrained yet sophisticated design, the conceptual resort is unique to the island; its pure minimalism offers the perfect opportunity to capitalize on its thematic concept. Understated and peaceful, The Library narrates a story in which genuine harmony with the neighboring landscape is a tangible achievement. The hotel's library binds the property; its collection of over 1,300 books available to borrow or purchase provides a satisfying alternative to modern distractions. Indeed, the 26 suites and studios are interlaced with a reassuring assortment of entertainment technology. But the enduring respect for the surrounding landscape is unequivocal. From The Page restaurant holding fort on the beachfront, to the 270-degree sea views from the glass-enclosed gym, The Library seals the chasm between nature and modern life. Like a good book, The Library contains an assortment of interesting chapters, enticing guests to learn to live harmoniously with nature.

รีวิว และ ติชม

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