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The ICE CUBE at V2O Cocktail Bar Pattaya

พัทยา - ชลบุรี - ระยอง - ขอเส้นทาง

The Ice Cube @ V2O

As the times are ever changing so should cool party spots and famous bars. It’s nice to walk in to a place you been many times and small and big changes greet you. The Ice Bar V2O has had a little make over and with that a more fitting name for the two separate entities. The -11 Ice Room is called “The Ice Cube” and the cocktail bar that is attached to the ice room is now “The V2O Cocktail Bar”.

=The Ice Cube=

The Ice Cube is the -11 Ice Room on Walking Street. It’s a cozy and cold place perfect to chill out from the hot weather that this season brings. The room is freezing cold and you get a jacket and hat if you need it. The menu is much more than just Vodka what most ice rooms in the world offer. There is Jagermeister, 3 kinds of tequilas, honey whiskey, sake and much more. Specials are interesting drinks like the Jager bomb and absinthe. Besides this we have 15 or more flavors of vodka, all made with Stolichanaya vodka. The Ice Cube @ V2O only has top brands in both the ice room as in the cocktail bar.

The Ice Cube has its own mascot, the famous Polar Bear! He must be the most photographed bear in Thailand and makes the ice room experience even more fun. He is always ready to join you on a photo, or join you for a shot!

=The V2O Cocktail Bar=

If you need a place to warm up after the visiting the Ice Cube, or just looking for a place to relax from the busy Walking Street, the V2O Cocktail Bar is a perfect place. It’s the best looking bar on the famous street, nice and chilled by air conditioning so a good hide out on the hot evenings.
The V2O is famous for its cocktails. All made of fresh and/or real fruit and all made with top brands spirits. The staff members are trained by the Bacardi ex-world champion bartending Tommy Seelee. He has trained bartenders all over Thailand and Asia, mostly in high end bars and hotel bars.

The V2O Cocktail Bar is the only place on Walking Street where you can find top quality cocktails, like 4 flavors of Mojitos, the Pina Colada, the signature Apple Martini, the Mai Tai and many many more. We serve real mixology shots and shooters like the Monkey Brain, the Chocolate Snake Bite, the Flaming Lamborgini and the classics as B52’s, Blowjobs and the Kamikaze. Come and try a few and be amazed of 5 star hotel quality drinks for a very reasonable price.

Top shelf spirits:
The V2O Cocktail Bar is the only place on Walking Street where you find a real top shelf; Single malts, Patron Tequilas, Hendricks Gin, 2 top end Rums, Grey Goose, Belverdere & Ciroc vodka, and much more.



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วันจันทร์. 19:00 น. - 04:00 น.

วันอังคาร. 19:00 น. - 04:00 น.

วันพุธ. 19:00 น. - 04:00 น.

วันพฤหัส. 19:00 น. - 04:00 น.

วันศุกร์. 19:00 น. - 04:00 น.

วันเสาร์. 19:00 น. - 04:00 น.

วันอาทิตย์. 19:00 น. - 04:00 น.


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